We define new standards.

Operating for over 25 years as an international specialist company with constantly evolving certified technologies for the petrochemical industry.

About Us

Founded in 1996, T.I.M.E. Service is a highly specialised and internationally active partner to industry with a core competence in industrial catalyst handling

In addition to optimised standard and specialised services, we offer our customers complete catalyst handling services to reduce the burden on their own resources. Rapid reactor cooldown, catalyst regeneration, recycling and transport complete our range of services. T.I.M.E.

Service is an internationally qualified service company and certified according to QSHE standards.

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Unloading Systems

  • Vacuuming units
  • Soft-Flow Hopper
  • Dust control “black-grey cabin”
  • ATD-Cardox
  • Air Lancing systems for tubular reactors
  • Fish Taping – Wire tapping for tubular reactors

Loading Systems

  • PRO DENSE technology for fixed-bed reactors
  • Soft loading pipes for ceramic material
  • Dedusting modules for fresh material
  • Loading machines for tubular reactors
  • Insert loading system for EO plants
  • Pressure drop measuring systems
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