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Recycling of catalysts

Catalysts that, because of their condition and low residual activity, can no longer be regenerated and reutilised after the process are passed to an efficient metal recovery system. All product components are reutilised, the metals passing back into the smelting processes, while the ceramic carrier materials can, for example, be used in road construction. There are no treatment costs for the client and the costs of the recovery process are recovered from the proceeds of the metals extracted. T.I.M.E. Service cooperates exclusively with certified firms whose plant are approved for the treatment of spent catalyst. We take over the whole organisation of all recycling, including preparation of the documentation required. We regard this as an effective contribution to environmental protection and the economical use of resources, undertaken together with our clients. For T.I.M.E. Service, the consideration of environmental aspects in project planning, process control and the selection of subcontractors and in the company organisation is a voluntary commitment which offers an opportunity for further development in relevant areas, together with our clients.



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