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Regeneration of catalysts

When an analysis of the removed catalyst has been carried out, the results with regard to residual activity and mechanical condition determine the possibility and the nature of its re-utilisation. In order, to prepare catalysts for repeated use, a professional external regeneration has to be carried out by specialised companies. For safety reasons, the remaining volatile hydrocarbons are first burnt off under controlled input of oxygen. In a second cleaning step, the remaining carbon components are then burnt off and the catalyst is fractioned in order to separate the quantity which can be re-utilised. A subsequent analysis confirms the suitability of this material for re-utilisation in the production process. The regeneration can be carried out in turnaround, i.e. during a shutdown, or the regenerated catalyst may serve as a spare batch for the next catalyst replacement. T.I.M.E. Service help you with the selection of suitable and approved partner companies and can organise the logistics required.



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