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CATNET -The ultimate loading performance

CATNET is a simple and fast loading technology for loading reformer tubes with catalyst, applicable to tube sizes from 70 to 300 mm internal diameter. It combines a fast loading technology with high quality performance. Reloading of tubes is normally avoided, and less catalyst is wasted.

CATNET process: simple and efficient
STEP 1: Unloading by vacuuming
STEP 2: Inspection of empty reformer tubes
STEP 3: δ P pressure measurement of empty tubes
STEP 4: Loading by CATNET process
STEP 5: Final pressure drop

CATNET benefits: simply sustainable
- Fast loading
- No presocking of catalyst
- No vibration of the tubes
- Uniform pressure drop
- Less waste of catalyst
- No bridiging of extra voids
- High uniform density

3D-PDF - CATNET process

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